The Jakob* Mass

Questions, faith and doubt

The Jakob Masses has been a source of renewal and inspiration for the Norwegian liturgical tradition since 2000. The Masses are a collaborative effort between Kirkelig Kulturverksted and the Oslo student ministries.

So far, five Masses have been specially written for this purpose, «Mass for people in motion», «Mass in a homeless era», «Mass around a set table», «Lovestruck» (Lyrics: Erik Hillestad, music: Karoline Krüger) and «Mass under the rainbow» (L: Erik Hillestad, M: Øyvind Kristiansen). The Mass is celebrated at 8pm on Sundays from September through May, and the clergy is accompanied by a volunteer team of professional musicians and singers led by singer Marian Lisland and pianist Øyvind Kristiansen.

Fun fact: The Jakob Mass was declared to be a not-to-be-missed part of the Oslo Cultural Scene by none other than the New York Times («36 Hours In Oslo», NYT 6/16/13).

*: («Jakob» is the Norwegian rendering of the Apostle St. James in English)