+supp Tusmørke / Høstsabbat pres.

15. februar 2020


HÄLLAS announce new album «Conundrum»!

Some gigs leave a greater mark than others. The first band to ever play the Chapel stage in Kulturkirken Jakob at Høstsabbat 2018, was none other than the group of space riding Swedes in Hällas. Is it even possible to have a better start?

They took advantage of the room, turning the whole church into a space shuttle, mesmerizing the crowd with their intergalactic themes, starlit melodies and otherworldly presence. We knew right away, that if the occasion would arise, we are doing this again.

With the release of their new album “Conundrum”, the third and last part of their trilogy right around the corner, we are proud to present Hällas in the the church again, this time as their first headlining show in Norway.

To make this evening even more perfect, what band could possibly be a better match than our very own Tusmørke?

They played the first Høstsabbat festival back in 2013, and have widened their fanbase ever since with their fairytale, unique kind prog rock. We cannot wait to see these guys again!

Welcome to a night of stars, fairies and feelgood escape. To a realm of joy and kindness. In our church of stardust. This is our cosmos.

CC: 300,- + avgift
ID: 18