Jurga Seduikyte (LT)

11. oktober 2019


In 2005, she began her solo career under the stage name Jurga. Her debut album, Aukso Pieva (Meadow of Gold), produced by Andrius Mamontovas, was released on September 16, 2005. The first single, Nebijok (Don’t Be Afraid) charted at number one for eight weeks and became the biggest hit single in Lithuania of 2005.

The debut album includes twelve songs in Lithuanian and English, almost all of them written by Jurga herself. Shortly after this, Jurga received many Lithuanian awards.

In July 2007, her song, «5th Season», won the Grand Prix of the Baltic Song Festival in KarlshamnSweden. A few months later, on November 1, Jurga won the MTV European Music Award for Best Baltic Act. Jurga was the first Lithuanian to win an MTV award.