29. august 2014


Flamenco Vivo – which can be translated by flamenco «alive», flamenco «live» or «I live flamenco» is more than a show, it is a true art de living. It is a ensemble of four flamenco artists who dedicate their lives to flamenco. In the foreground stands the fiery and expressive dance. The virtuoso guitar and passionate vocals merge with her ​​on stage for an impressive unit.

Flamenco is a living art whose roots are in Andalusia and which is in constant evolution. Flamenco is adored by the world for his deep passionate feelings, expressed through the baile (dance), toque (guitar) and cante (singing).

Flamenco Vivo comprises dancers, Simone Abrantes, Antonio Diaz, a singer, Carmen Celada, which adorns her performance with stories on the art of flamenco, and a flamenco guitarist Georg Kempa.


Simone Abrantes was born in Rio de Janeiro. For over 20 years she has been working full time as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of flamenco. With more than five hundred students she trained two generations of dancers and teachers. She also played a pioneering role in the establishment of flamenco in the artists and music scene of Rio de Janeiro. Abrantes danced in the biggest theaters in Brazil and looks back on more than a thousand performances. She learned from masters of Flamenco like Manolete, Joaquin Ruiz, Ciro, Maria Magdalena, Rafaela Carrasco and Domingo Ortega. Simone Abrantes speaks four languages, studied history, philosophy and social sciences and now lives in Berlin.


Carmen Celada grew up in family of musiciens in Madrid. Her mother is a singer, her father a pianist and a conductor. As a child, she was already dancing flamenco and singing spanish operetta (zarzuela). She sang flamenco for the first time in the famous Madrid flamenco restaurant La Soleá. Carmen Celada charms her audience by the clarity of her voice and the naturalness of her interpretations, which make the forceful poetry and rousing passion of flamenco lyrics to their full advantage. Whether in a Peña or on her numerous concerts, she will, through her powerful and versatile voice and her charm, quickly become the favorite of the audience.


Antonio Dias » The portuguese » was born in Lisbon and grew up in Germany where his family emigrated . He received his dance training from various flamenco artists in Germany and in Spain, among others, from Ana Maria Amahi , Andres Marin, Eva La Yerbabuena , José de Udaeta , Alicia Marquez, Juan Manuel Betanzos Povillo and especially from La Moraima . For several years, Antonio teaches in Berlin and runs his own flamenco studio and flamenco workshop.

We can see his shows as a solo dancer with various companies in all Germany.


Georg Kempa has over 30 years of experience as a professional flamenco guitarist in Berlin. He developed his intimate knowledge of flamenco and his skills in flamenco guitar in close cooperation with various flamenco artists at home and abroad. Many years of performance as a solo or accompanying guitarist for flamenco dancing and singing and his own studio productions ensure his competence and high musical level.